Raw materials from

geothermal fluids

Occurrence • Enrichment • Extraction

The Horizon Europe-funded CRM geothermal project is:

Developing an innovative technology solution which combines the extraction of critical raw materials and energy from geothermal fluids to decrease the European Union’s dependency on imported resources, supporting thus the EU Green Deal.


Attain goals

Extracting Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) from geothermal wells would help the EU attain the energy transition goals.


Strategic & environmental

Combined extraction of heat and minerals from geothermal reservoirs has several strategic and environmental benefits.

Understanding of CRM

The project will advance the understanding of CRM occurrence in geothermal fluids and the sustainability of extraction processes.


Addresses the challenges

The Horizon Europe-funded CRM-geothermal project addresses the challenges of EU-autonomy in CRM production by a comprehensive database and advanced extraction technologies.


EU Green Deal

The CRM-geothermal project will support the strategic objectives of the EU Green Deal and the Agenda for Sustainable Development.
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