Colleagues from the Izmir Institute of Technology participated in the 5th International Environmental Chemistry Congress (EnviroChem) held in Antalya, Turkey, from 30 October till 2 November 2023.

The following papers relating to CRM-geothermal research were presented:

Oral presentation: Hydrothermal Synthesis of Spinel MnO2 starting from commercial ϒ-MnO2
by Seyra Toprak, Mustafa M. Demir

Invited talk: Recovery of Li from Geothermal Resources by Adsorption Using MnO2 Polymorphs as Sorbent Material
by Seyra Toprak, Berk Akgün, Alper Baba, Mustafa M. Demira

Poster presentation: Strontium Recovery from Geothermal Sources by Adsorption Using Zeolites with Various Particle Sizes
by Bernis İlbey, Seyra Toprak, Alper Baba, Mustafa M. Demir


The CRM-geothermal team from Izmir Institute of Technology.