The CRM-geothermal team looks forward to participating in the annual workshop of the Materials for Batteries Cluster Hub which will take place during the EU Raw Materials Week on 16 November 2023, in Brussels and online

The Cluster Hub “Production of raw materials for batteries from European resources”, of which CRM-geothermal is a partner, is a knowledge exchange ecosystem, where partners involved in different European projects (private companies, support organisations, experts, universities and research institutes) can identify and discuss common topics related to their projects, and to the production of materials for batteries, as well as synergies that can foster innovations in this field.

The initiative to establish a permanent clustering hub appeared first in November 2022, during the 7th edition of the Raw Materials Week, when eight EU-funded projects gathered together for the workshop with the same name: “Production of raw materials for batteries from European sources”. Encouraged by a first successful event, and echoed by the stakeholders’ vivid interest in collaboration, the European Commission welcomed with enthusiasm the proposal to establish a permanent Clustering Hub. 

This year’s annual meeting will allow all representatives (12 projects today) to share the preliminary results of their work, address the remaining challenges that all projects face and actively interact with external stakeholders actively interested in the issues and opportunities raised by these projects.